‘Mithili’ cyclone: Overcast conditions expected in Bhopal

Bhopal: The weather outlook in the state is set to undergo a shift as the ‘Mithili’ cyclone emerges from the Bay of Bengal, coinciding with the activation of a Western Disturbance in northern India on November 24-25. Anticipated overcast conditions are expected in Bhopal over the next two days, with the potential for light rainfall on November 26. A slight chance of rain is also on the horizon for the western parts of the state.

Presently, numerous cities, including Bhopal, are witnessing cooler daytime temperatures. On Saturday, the daytime temperature in 18 cities across the state remained below 30 degrees Celsius. Included in these were cities such as Chhindwara, Khajuraho, Narsinghpur, Nowgong, Sagar, Rewa, Satna, Betul, Dhar, Guna, Gwalior, Malajkhand, Indore, Raisen, Shivpuri, Ujjain, and Ratlam.

Shivpuri recorded the lowest temperature at 27.2 degrees Celsius. Gwalior reported 28.2 degrees Celsius, Malajkhand registered 27.5 degrees Celsius, Indore recorded 29.5 degrees Celsius, and Raisen reported a temperature of 27.4 degrees Celsius.

Pachmarhi, a hill station in the state, had the coldest night, with temperatures dropping to 11 degrees Celsius. Rajgarh reported 11.6 degrees Celsius, Guna recorded 11.4 degrees Celsius, and Gwalior reported 11.4 degrees Celsius. Chilly temperatures were also reported in Datia, Chhindwara, and Narsinghpur.

The weather forecast indicates that the presence of the ‘Mithili’ cyclone in the Bay of Bengal will hinder a swift decline in temperatures over the upcoming week. Another Western Disturbance is slated to reach northern India on November 24 or 25, potentially bringing light rain to some areas on November 26 or 27, especially in the western regions.

Senior meteorologist Ved Prakash Singh mentioned that while there won’t be a significant contrast between day and night temperatures at present, a notable drop in temperatures is expected after November 28.

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