Milei’s inauguration in Argentina to take place today

Buenos Aires, Dec 10 (UNI) Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei and Vice President-elect Victoria Villarruel will be sworn in on Sunday.

The inauguration ceremony will start in the parliament building. Contrary to the tradition, Milei is expected to deliver his first speech in official capacity not to politicians and lawmakers but to his supporters from the steps of the National Congress.

A motorcade will then take him and Villarruel to the presidential residence, the Casa Rosada, where he will meet with foreign dignitaries invited to the inauguration. Milei reportedly wants to go part of the route by foot in a show of closeness to his people, but his security detail object.

Top foreign officials expected at the ceremony will come from such countries as Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Spain, Ukraine and Hungary, among others. Russia will be represented by Ambassador Dmitry Feoktistov.

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