Markets bustle with shoppers on Dhanteras

People offer worship to Goddess Lakshmi, Dhanvantari, Kubera; rituals held in temples

Bhopal: Dhanteras festival was celebrated in the city on Friday. This marked the beginning of the festival of lights. People prayed for happiness and prosperity by decorating and lighting lamps in their homes and courtyards.

Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Dhanvantari, the god of health and Kubera, the god of wealth, were worshipped. The festival of Roop Chaudas will be celebrated on Saturday. Which is also called Narak Chaturdashi and Chhoti Diwali. On the occasion of Dhanteras festival, people worship Lord Dhanvantari, the god of health, and Kuber, the god of wealth, seeking blessings for wealth and good health.

To immortalize the gods, Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as Dhanvantari emerged from the sea with a pot of nectar on this day. Dhanvantari was born on the Trayodashi date of Kartik Krishna Paksha, hence this date is known as Dhanteras. Dhanvantari is worshiped to remain healthy. By worshiping Dhanvantari on Dhanteras, Goddess Lakshmi becomes happy and showers wealth in Diwali.

Rudrabhishek of Baba Bateshwar performed

Rudrabhishek of Baba Bateshwar was performed with sugarcane juice and milk in the evening at Badwale Mahadev Temple. In the evening, Baba Bateshwar was beautifully decorated with diamonds, jewels, gold garland and silver crown. Also 3100 lamps were lit. Special decorations were made in the temple premises. A grand rangoli of flowers was also made in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

Birla temple illuminated with lamps

Special electrical decorations were done in Lakshmi Narayan Birla Temple on Dhanteras. Deep Utsav was celebrated. Due to which the temple courtyard started glowing with lamps. Lakshmi Puja will be performed here on Diwali festival.

Markets bustle with shoppers

In the state capital, more than 8,000 vehicles (over 2,500 cars, and 4,500 bikes) were delivered from showrooms in a single day. The bullion market was crowded since morning.

The highest sales were made of gold and diamonds.

Markets were bustling since morning and people continued to gather in shopping malls till late night. Be it utensils shops or clothes, mobile phones or electronic goods, people bought fiercely bypassing inflation.

High demand in all markets

Overall, on Dhanteras, all the markets of the city were blessed with money and high demand which accounted for more than Rs 550 cr. But till Diwali, market experts are expressing a strong possibility of Rs 700 crore in the markets of various trades.

Office-bearers of Bhopal Automobile Dealer Welfare Association said that the estimated total sales of 4,000 cars and 8,000 two-wheelers till Diwali have been expected. In the city, the showroom owners handed over the keys of more than 4,500 two-wheelers and more than 2,500 four-wheelers to the customers on Friday.

According to the president of the Bhopal automobile dealer association, Ashish Pandey, customers are liking different kinds of new segment bikes available in the market.

There was a presence of a huge crowd in the shops of utensils, clothes, makeup, footwear, electronics, worship materials, decorations, sweets. All the markets of the Old City in the capital, New Market, Kotra, Kolar, MP Nagar, Karond, Indrapuri, Hoshangabad Road, Bitthan Market, Bairagarh, Bagsewaniya, Piplani, Vijay Market, Barkheda, Anand Nagar, 10 No, 11 No witnessed huge crowd.

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