Many remains found in Bhojshala survey

  • Survey being conducted in Bhojshala using scientific method

Chronicle Reporter, Dhar
Survey is going on in Bhojshala using scientific methods. As part of the survey, ASI officers and employees entered the Bhojshala on the 37th day. On Saturday, the team members worked throughout the day in the Dargah area, including the entire complex.

The work is going on in the presence of 22 officers, 37 laborers and parties in the ASI team. Many remains have also been found during the survey, which have been preserved by the team after examining them through various techniques. Also, during this period, Hindu parties and Muslim parties have also made many claims regarding the survey. On the first day, the shape of a wall was visible in the soil being removed in front of the sanctum sanctorum in the last two days, whereas on Friday a fragmented statue was seen.

There should be no damage to the monument

At the same time, Muslim party Abdul Samad Khan said that despite our objection, the excavation is being done in the monument on Friday. From there, only the face of the upper part of a statue is visible, which is clearly visible that it is the statue of Mahatma Gautam Buddha. Photography and videography has also been done by the team. Along with this, brushing and cleaning work is going on continuously in Kamal Maulana Dargah. Regarding the hearing in Indore High Court on April 29, he said that our lawyer will argue in that case and if the time of the survey increases, then it will become clear under what circumstances and under which guide line it will proceed.



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