Man who rose to fame through viral reel attacked with knife

Bhopal: Bhupendra Jogi, known for his rise to fame through a viral Instagram reel, reportedly faced a harrowing ordeal when he was attacked by two masked men wielding knives on Tuesday evening. The incident occurred as Jogi was returning home from his ready-made garment store situated in New Market.

The assailants, concealed behind masks, targeted Jogi near ‘Bapu ki Kutia’ in Roshanpura, adjacent to the New Market area. They launched a vicious assault with their weapons, inflicting deep lacerations on Jogi’s back and hands. The perpetrators initially hit him from behind. Subsequently, while trying to save him, Jogi sustained severe injuries to his hand.

The severity of the wounds necessitated extensive medical attention, with Jogi undergoing a procedure involving approximately 40 stitches. Notably, Jogi, a trader by profession, had recently gained widespread recognition on Instagram, amassing over two lakh followers after his now-famous ‘naam kya hai… Bhupendra Jogi’ reel went viral, capturing the hearts of netizens and spawning countless memes. The popularity surge even led to a meeting between Jogi and former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, where they recreated the iconic meme.

Despite his newfound online fame, Jogi has no known personal conflicts or disputes that could have motivated the attack. The incident has prompted a police investigation, with a case registered under Section 307 at the Arera Hills police station. However, as of now, authorities have yet to uncover any leads regarding the identities of the perpetrators, compounded by the absence of surveillance cameras in the area.


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