Man does Dharma only in times of adversity: Muni Shri

Bhopal: Panchayat Committee Trust President Manoj Banga and Secretary Manoj RM told that the eloquent speaker Pujya Munishri Vinamr Sagar Ji Maharaj seated in Chok Dharamshala said in his blessing words today that man does Dharma only in times of emergency or adversity. He also does Dharma only in practical form whereas he needs qualitative spiritual Dharma. Muni Shri said that a person becomes a Dharmatma of action but cannot become a Dharmatma of mind. This creature does Dharma in times of emergency i.e. in adversity but when there is favourable situation in life then he does not do Dharma, whereas he should do Dharma before the onset of emergency.

Pujya Gurudev said that the rainy season is about to come. All the devotees should get water harvesting system installed in their homes so that we can store rainwater in a satvik way. So that after the rain we can get pure water throughout the year.

Before this, the worship of Param Pujya Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj was performed with devotion. A lamp was lit in front of the picture. The scriptures were placed and Mangalacharan was done. Guests from outside Bhopal received blessings by offering Shrifal.

Hundreds of men and women from the society were present in today’s discourse, including Manoj Banga, Alok Panchratna, Manoj R, M Hukamchand, Dilip Ming, Vipin mpt, Arvind Jain Roadways, Amit Super, Pradeep Kuttu, Rajiv Modi, Nitesh Mama etc.

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