Man booked for pushing wife from first floor

Bhopal: In an unsettling incident near the Subhash Nagar area on Friday, the Ashoka Garden police have filed a case against Naveen Yadav, a medical representative, for assaulting his wife and subsequently pushing her from a height exceeding 30 feet. According to the police, Yadav, who resides with his mother, two children, and his wife, had a history of returning home late at night, leading to frequent disputes with his wife, Rajni Yadav, a housewife.

Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Sanjay Singh Sisodia reported that the couple often engaged in arguments, with Rajni questioning her husband’s late-night returns and expressing doubts about his character. The situation escalated on Friday when neighbors witnessed Naveen assaulting Rajni. They informed the police that Naveen had pushed her from the first-floor balcony of their residence.

ASI Sisodia stated that Naveen, who initially feigned ignorance in the case, had himself rushed Rajni to the hospital. However, statements from neighbors implicated him in the incident. The accused has now been arrested and charged with attempted murder. Rajni is in recovery and has provided her statement to the police. Medical reports for Yadav are pending to confirm whether he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

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