Mamata slams BJP and Centre after World Wrestling body

Kolkata, Aug 24 (UNI) West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday slammed the Central government after the wrestling world body, the United World Wrestling, has indefinitely suspended membership of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) over the failure to hold elections in time.

The WFI had to postpone elections due to various controversies for a long time.

” I am shocked to learn that the United World Wrestling (UWW) has suspended the Wrestling Federation of India. It is a matter of grave embarrassment for the whole nation,” Banerjee reacted strongly.

Media reports said the world wrestling body has suspended the Indian supreme wrestling governing body for allegedly failing to hold its elections on time. The immediate impact is that Indian wrestlers will not be able to take part under the Indian tri-color in the coming World Championships.

The reports said the Bhupender Singh Bajwa headed ad-hoc body, failed to adhere to the 45-day deadline for holding elections, and thus the Indian wrestlers will have to compete at the Olympic-qualifying World Championships beginning September 16 as “neutral athletes.”

The ad hoc panel was appointed by the IOA on April 27 and elections were to be held by the committee within 45 days.

The world body before suspending the WFI had warned if the elections were pushed back, they would suspend the Indian body.

” The Central government has let down our wrestlers by being shamefully arrogant and by being cavalier & dismissive towards the plight of our wrestlers sister,” Bengal CM pointed out after the world body suspended the WFI.

” Centre and BJP have kept on harassing our indomitable sisters with misogyny and crude male chauvinism. India should stand against and punish those who are left with no moral compass who can not stand up for the dignity of the nation’s fighting daughters. The day of reckoning are not too far,” Banerjee said.

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