Maharana Pratap never compromised with freedom: CM

  • Dr Yadav attends Maharana Pratap’s birth anniversary celebrations

Bhopal: Despite all kinds of Mughal attacks, Maharana Pratap lived with self-respect by eating grass roti, but he never compromised with freedom. Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said this while addressing as the chief guest at the function organized on Maharana Pratap’s birth anniversary in Shujalpur of Shajapur district. On this occasion, representatives of Mewar society including the state’s Higher Education, Technical Education and AYUSH Minister Shri Inder Singh Parmar were present.

Dr. Yadav said that the more you read about Maharana Pratap’s life, the less it is. Maharana Pratap became a legend while he was alive. When he used to enter the war with a 76 kg armor, 80 kg spear and 2 swords, every enemy used to shy away from fighting him. The example of Maharana Pratap’s friendship with his horse Chetak is also unique in the world even today. Despite all kinds of attacks and terror of the Mughals, Maharana Pratap lived with self-respect by eating grass roti, but he did not compromise with freedom.

CM said we are celebrating the birth anniversary of such a brave great man Maharana Pratap today, it is a matter of good fortune for us. It is important in democracy that after getting inspiration from Maharana Pratap, the Seth-moneylenders had donated their entire treasure to Maharana Pratap at that time. Bhamashah is an example of this, who had donated his entire treasure to Maharana Pratap. The forest dwellers living in the forest also gave full support to Maharana Pratap, there was no caste discrimination at that time. Maharana Pratap has been given a place in the new education policy. Maharana Pratap is now being taught in schools, so that the next generation will get a chance to know Maharana Pratap.

Magazine of Mewar Samaj released

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that along with building a memorial of the martyr of Mewar society posted in the post of Nayak in the Army, hostel land, installation of Maharana Pratap’s statue and naming of the intersection will be done. Whatever demands have been made, they will be fulfilled as per the process. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav also released Pratap Varta, a magazine of Mewar Samaj.

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