Madhya Pradesh’s dominance will increase in the power-organization at the center

  • Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s stature will increase

Kanhaiya Lodhi, Bhopal
Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who has been the face of the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh for a long time, is now preparing to take on a big responsibility in the central government. Chauhan’s stature is such that even if someone wants to, they cannot ignore him.

The results of the Lok Sabha elections have also proved how much influence Chauhan has, who has been the head of the government for a long time, has among the people. He has become the big face of the BJP to win with the highest number of votes in a direct fight with the Congress in the entire country. He succeeded in getting more than three-fourths of the votes in the Vidisha parliamentary constituency. His tremendous influence among the people along with the government and the organization makes him one of the front-line leaders among the big faces of the BJP in the country. His stature is now suitable for a new role on the national stage. According to the indications received, Shivraj Singh Chauhan can now take over the responsibility of the National President of the BJP. The results came on June 4 after voting in seven phases of the Lok Sabha elections in the country. This result has dealt a blow to BJP’s hopes of crossing 370 and NDA’s hopes of crossing 400. BJP could not even reach the majority figure on its own at the center. In such a situation, a coalition government is being formed here now. Obviously, the coalition government has its own compulsions. The allies do not want to leave any stone unturned to capitalize on the opportunity that comes their way and will not leave any chance for bargaining. In these circumstances, BJP will have to bear all this and will also have to make compromises. Many strong leaders holding ministerial posts at the center may have to pay the price for this. It may also affect MPs. However, by winning all 29 seats, MP has already made the organization and government’s strength accepted in the country. Earlier it was believed that at least 5 to 6 faces from MP could be included in the Union Cabinet. In such a situation, it is believed that if even 3 or 4 people from MP get a chance to become ministers at the center, it will be a big thing. If we look at MP, Shivraj Singh Chauhan is a natural contender to become a minister at the center.

Nadda’s tenure is ending: BJP’s national president JP Nadda’s tenure is ending this month. BJP will need a new national president. One who has experience of both government and organization. Shivraj Singh Chauhan meets this criterion.

Rodmal and Alok do not have much hope

During ticket distribution before the Lok Sabha elections, there was a lot of opposition to Rajgarh MP Rodmal Nagar, but he got the ticket. He was facing the challenge of former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh, who is among the most powerful leaders of Congress. Here the contest was considered to be very close, but Nagar overcame the challenge of Digvijay Singh. It is another matter that his victory margin in 2019 was reduced to just one lakh 46 thousand 89 votes. It is being said that here the Sangh played its role more than Nagar and changed the atmosphere going against Nagar. Therefore, there is no possibility of him getting any responsibility in the government or the organization right now. One reason is also his absence. Even before the Kirar community, Shivraj Singh Chauhan was famous in the state and the country. In such a situation, he may have to be satisfied with just fulfilling the responsibility of an MP. Here, Alok Sharma did not face any big challenge in the election from the prestigious Bhopal parliamentary constituency, even though he has managed to win by more than 5 lakh votes, but he does not seem to be getting any big reward right now.

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