LS polls a battle of corruption vs zero tolerance: CM Yogi

Agra (UP), Apr 3 (UNI) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday said the Lok Sabha election is a battle between National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA) nationalism and zero tolerance and I.N.D.I alliance’s appeasement and corruption.

Addressing a Prabudha Jan Sammelan at Sur Sadan in Agra, the CM described the elections as a bipolar contest in which the NDA’s resounding victory was certain.

Emphasising the stark division characterising this electoral contest with NDA standing for nation, nationalism and zero tolerance towards crime and corruption and the I.N.D.I alliance for family interests, appeasement and corruption, he said that there is no doubt among voters across the country about the NDA’s historic victory in the elections.

Taking a dig at the opposition parties seeking votes for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate and Union Minister, Prof SP Singh Baghel, Yogi said that it has become difficult for them to locate their candidates because of the prevalent confusion in their quarter.

He underscored the unparalleled consensus among voters across the country in favour of the NDA for the Lok Sabha elections. He also exuded confidence in the BJP candidate’s victory in Agra election, but urged the intellectuals to make it a historic win with a record margin by mobilising and engaging with communities door-to-door as emissaries of Prime Minister Modi.

Highlighting the transformative initiatives undertaken under PM Modi’s stewardship over the past decade, ranging from national security to youth empowerment, the CM expressed confidence that the electorate’s gratitude for these endeavours will manifest in a resounding mandate for a third term.

He said, “Presently, a uniform chorus resounds across every nook and cranny, be it village or city, spanning from the north to the south and from the east to the west. The reverberation heard in Agra resonates throughout our nation. Opposition parties are struggling to find candidates, a dilemma not confined solely to Agra but extends across UP and the country.”

Yogi said, “Our generation is uniquely fortunate. We witness the transformation of India and the realization of the vision of a developed India.”

Stressing India’s growing global stature, he said that today when an Indian goes abroad, the foreigners ask them if they have come from Modi’s India. He also underscored the secure Indian borders, asserting that no hostile nation dares to breach them, cognizant of the robust retaliation awaiting them, a deterrent that safeguards the nation’s future generations.

The CM said, “The emergence of a new India marked by robust infrastructure development, including highways, airports, expressways, and premier educational institutions like IITs, AIIMS, and IIMs. This burgeoning India caters to the needs of its 1.4 billion citizens and positions itself to meet global demands.”

He highlighted the transformational initiatives, such as providing cooking gas connections, constructing toilets in impoverished households and ensuring access to tap water, a reality previously unimaginable.

Yogi said, “Prime Minister Modi’s guarantee is the bedrock of his vision of a developed India. No one had imagined the Metro service to operate in Agra, but it has started in record time in the city.”

He stressed that the new India not only envisages resolutions but also steadfastly executes them.

He urged supporters to mobilise door-to-door, portraying SP Singh Baghel as a representative of Modi. He urged an increase of 370 votes per booth compared to the last election, expressing confidence that such efforts would propel their candidates to Parliament with unprecedented support.

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