Long line of claimants in both main parties

Files of claimants start reaching High Command
Congress is ascertaining ground reality before giving ticket

Mukesh Mehar, Garoth
There are four assembly seats in the Mandsaur district of the state. Here, both BJP and Congress are in a strong position. Malhargarh is a reserved seat, while Mandsaur, Suwasra and Garoth are unreserved.

Discussions about the names of leaders claiming BJP and Congress tickets for the Garoth-Bhanpura assembly seat in the MP Assembly elections have started making the headlines. The rounds of meetings, seminars and preparations of workers are going on. It seems that this time, the election is going to be interesting in a different way from the last election.

Due to the close assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, the files of the names and works of leaders claiming tickets for BJP and Congress in other assembly seats including the district have started reaching the high command. Legislative assembly elections are proposed to be held at the end of this year, but the way the round of meetings, seminars and preparations of workers are going on at the organization level of Congress and BJP, it seems that this time the election is going to be different from the last election.

The BJP and the Congress high command seem to be in a mood to field the claimant after a thorough brainstorm. Due to many names appearing in the demand for tickets, the selection of the winning candidate is also difficult and it is challenging to convince the worker. Although the organization in BJP is adept at extracting figures according to the strength and booths, this time in the Congress, more contenders have started appearing than before, due to which the Congress High Command also understands that it is important to know the ground reality before giving tickets.

It was very difficult and challenging to ask for a ticket and stake claim in front of Subhash Kumar Sojatiya, who was a Congress minister in the Vidhansabha a few years ago.

Former MLA late Rajesh Yadav defeated Sojatian in 2013, then in the by-election Chander Singh Sisodia and in 2018 Devi Lal Dhakad did not let him win. Devi Lal Dhakad is currently the MLA from Garoth Bhanpura constituency. Apart from these, Chandersinh Sisodia, Mukesh Kala, Ranjitsinh Chauhan, Dinesh Patidar, Chandraprakash Panda, Shyamsinh Chauhan Chikaniya and others are in the race for ticket from BJP. This time the names of many contenders are coming to the fore along with Sojatiya in the Congress. Which mainly include Durgeshsingh Patel, Trilok Patidar, Dinesh Soni, Dulesingh Chauhan, who are circling Congress high command and big leaders for getting tickets.

Ever since many new contenders started shouting in front of the High Command in front of the former MLA of BJP and Congress on Garoth Bhanpura seat, since then the lines of worry have started emerging on the forehead of the former MLAs. Here, ever since there have been discussions in both the parties not to give tickets to the leaders aged 70 plus, the youth have also started their own personal race to show their claim. This time, due to the discussion of candidate change in the Congress on the Garoth assembly seat, the young leaders running for a new ticket are eagerly waiting for the decision of the high command.

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