Let World Environment Day be the auspicious start to creating a happier, healthier planet


1. Our Planet, Our Future. Small actions for a greener tomorrow! I’m a Vantarian, what about you? Use the filter, take the pledge & be the change! #ImAVantarian #Vantara #WorldWnvironmentDay

2. ⁠Every small action today contributes to a bigger impact tomorrow. I pledge to be a Vantarian and contribute to a greener future. So must you! Unlock the power of ‘We’ with this filter & take the pledge with me! #ImAVantarian #Vantara #WorldWnvironmentDay

3. ⁠Be the change you wish to see! I’m a Vantarian, committed to contribute to a healthier planet. Are you too? Use the filter to be a Vantarian yourself! #ImAVantarian #Vantara #WorldWnvironmentDay

4. ⁠Can one person truly make a difference? The answer lies in the power of small actions. Become a Vantarian today by playing your part. Use the filter and take the pledge with me. #ImAVantarian #Vantara #WorldWnvironmentDay

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