Ladli Bahnas bid touching farewell to Shivraj

CM leaves on 2-day visit to Amarkantak

Jabalpur: On the eve of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s departure for Amarkantak, a heartfelt scene unfolded in Jabalpur’s Bargi as hundreds of schoolgirls and women gathered to meet him. Emotional embraces and chants of “We want Mama ji” filled the air as Shivraj prepared for his two-day journey starting Thursday.

I’m with you always: Shivraj

Arriving in Bargi on Wednesday afternoon, Shivraj spent the night and took the opportunity to connect with party workers, warmly welcomed by the enthusiastic crowd of women present. The emotional encounter extended to a meeting with school students, where Shivraj, moved by the tears of his “ladli bahnas and bhanjis” (beloved sisters and nieces), reassured them, saying, “I am your brother and mama. I’m with you always.”

Expressing confidence in the state’s development under the current Chief Minister’s leadership, Shivraj added, “I am confident that under the leadership of the Chief Minister, the development of the state will gain new momentum.”

Heading to Amarkantak, Shivraj plans to worship at the origin place of Mother Narmada, accompanied by his family.

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