K’taka BJP leaders asked to stand behind barricades to welcome Modi in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, Aug 26 (UNI) Karnataka IT Minister and Congress leader Priyank Kharge on Saturday pitied state BJP leaders who were asked to stand behind the barricades to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi outside the HAL Airport.

He also said the BJP leaders standing on the street humiliated themselves, but it is an insult to voters, Kannadigas and party workers.

“Even though they are politically and ideologically opposed, I pity @BJP4Karnataka leaders. It is pathetic that the BJP leaders, who are trying to get attention as barricaded prisoners in front of the Prime Minister, have lost their self-esteem and self-respect,” Kharge Xed in Kannada language.

PM Modi was in Bengaluru to congratulate Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Scientists for the successful Chandrayaan-3 mission.

Kharge further said: “Is it possible to elect a Leader of the Opposition when they are so despised by the High Command? Now, the BJP itself is a victim of dictatorship. It is not that the BJP leaders standing on the street humiliated themselves but it is an insult to voters, insult to Kannadigas and insult to workers.”

Karnataka Congress Spokesperson Ramesh Babu said the situation of BJP leaders including former Ministers have been reduced to a dog’s.

“This kind of tragedy you can see in Dictator rule only! Karnataka State BJP president, MLA’s, Ex Ministers reduced to a dog’s situation at Modi Bangalore visit! Culture of self respect gone in the so called BJP RSS! Jai Modi!” he Xed.

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