Kharge alleges misuse of electoral bonds by BJP, demands inquiry

Bengaluru, March 15 (UNI) Raising serious concerns about the integrity of electoral finance and the conduct of the ruling party in India, AICC Chief Mallikarjun Kharge on Friday demanded a high-level inquiry into BJP’s misuse of electoral bonds.

Kharge alleged that the BJP has received a disproportionately large amount of donations through electoral bonds compared to other parties, particularly the Congress party.

He alleged that it might be due to pressure exerted by the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on individuals and corporations to donate to their party, potentially in exchange for favours or to close legal cases against them.

Kharge alleged unequal treatment by government agencies in this regard. He claimed that while the BJP’s accounts remain open and unaffected, the accounts of Opposition parties, especially the Congress, have faced scrutiny and restrictions, such as the freezing of funds.

This is seen as creating an unfair playing field for elections, the Congress President said.

“SBI data shows that BJP got 50% donation. Congress got only 11%. Our voting pattern if you see, we are nearly 1/3rd and the rest of the parties are two-thirds, including BJP. But BJP got more than 50% of donations.

How can they get this much money? How can the other capitalists or other companies give such donations?” Kharge told reporters in a press conference here.

“So, there are many dubious donors. And who are these? Nearly all people who have donated either are involved in ED or I-T cases. Modi ji and his party pressured these people to give more donations to their party. Otherwise, this much of difference cannot be,” he further alleged.

The Rajya Sabha MP also alleged that the government froze the Congress account and money seized through IT sleuths. He said nearly Rs 300 crore they froze. How can we go for election? If you are collecting crores of rupees through electoral bonds.

“On the other hand, the Congress got donations from workers, MPs and even other small, small donors. Our account is closed. Their (BJP) account is open and they have got Rs 6,000 crores of rupees, whereas others have got little money. If the account of the Opposition parties is frozen then how they will fight the election? Where is the level playing ground? They (BJP) are doing this,” he alleged.

Therefore, Kharge demanded a high-level inquiry into these allegations, including freezing the accounts of the BJP until the truth is revealed.

“I demand an inquiry at the highest level and until the truth comes out, their (BJP) account also should be frozen. A special investigation should be done whether the donations have come in exchange for favours or due to harassment, or asking them for donations to close their ED and I-T cases,” he said.

The AICC Chief also said that the Prime Minister is accountable for the actions of his party because he takes credit for everything and does not acknowledge the contributions of other parties or individuals.

“The Prime Minister should be held accountable because he is the main man and the prime minister himself claims always ‘This is Modi’s government, Modi’s party, Modi’s guarantee. So, everything is in his name only and he never takes BJP’s name,” he stated.

Kharge expressed concern that such practices undermine democratic principles and the federal structure of the country.

He also warned against the dangers of pressuring individuals and corporations into donating to a particular party, which could lead to inequality and erode the democratic fabric of the nation.

“This tendency what Modi ji is developing in this country, a country which is democratic, and our country which beliefs in the federal system, that also he is destroying and apart from that we are very worried because if you pressurize the people, then naturally people will donate as they like … This will bring great inequality,” he said.

Replying to a query, Kharge indicated that further discussions will take place within the Congress party, possibly in a working committee meeting, to decide on the next course of action.

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