Kamal Nath called ‘Supernath’ in animation video

  • Congress releases animation video
  • Making promises to public to fulfill their promises
  • Kamal Nath shown in Superman’s get-up

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
In the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, leaders are now adopting new methods to build their image and convey their promises to the people.

In this context, Madhya Pradesh Congress has described PCC Chief Kamal Nath as Supernath. Congress has released an animation video, in which Kamal Nath is seen in Superman’s getup. The party symbol Punja is made on his chest. At the beginning of the video, Kamalath prays to Lord Hanuman that God should give me strength so that I can work for the good and welfare of the state. He also prays that may he provide justice to the people of the state. After this, as soon as God blesses him, Kamal Nath appears in the getup of Superman. He then reaches out to the public and talks about waiving off farmers’ loans and Rs 1500 under the Nari Samman Yojna, and gas cylinders for Rs 500. Similarly, regarding increased electricity bills, he talks about lighting the house by waiving off electricity bills up to 100 units and up to 200 units.

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