Jinalaya echoed with praises of the best Arjava religion

  • Worship is being done with devotion at station Bajariya Jinalaya

Bhopal: Uttam Arjava Dharma was worshiped on the third day of the festival of ten characteristics of Digambar Jain community. The enthusiasm of the Bajaria community is visible with its joy and happiness. 1008 Shri Mahavir Swami Bhagwan station situated in Jinalaya, the ten-day long “Daslakshan Mahaparva” of self-purification started with much fanfare with the Uttam Kshama Parva.

After daily ritual worship, Mangalashtak, Abhishek, Shanti Dhara, Mahapuja and other religious rituals, Shastri Abhishek Jain, who came from Sanganer, told in his sermons that the meaning of Aarjava is to have a feeling of simplicity within oneself. Arjava religion is simple. A person easily understands Vaastu quickly. He is honest and selfless. There is uniformity in his mind, words and work. He says whatever he thinks. Such an honest person soon gets well-being.

Arjava Dharma is the nature of the soul. Spokesperson Narendra Jain said that in Jainism, Paryushan is called the king of festivals. This festival teaches to follow the basic principle of Lord Mahavir Swami “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma”, “Live and let live”. It also opens the doors to attain salvation. Through this great festival, the followers of Jainism practice self-cultivation through Uttam Kshama, Uttam Mardava, Uttam Arjava, Uttam Saucha, Uttam Truth, Uttam Restraint, Uttam Tapa, Uttam Tyag, Uttam Akinchanya, Uttam Brahmacharya Dharma.

Temple President Rajiv Jain Panch Ratna said that in the cultural programs, along with competitions like fancy dress, religious cricket, scripture decoration, rangoli etc., drama will be organized by Mahila Mandal.

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