It is not Electoral Bond Scheme but ‘Black Money Conversion’ scheme of Modi Govt: Congress

New Delhi, Feb 15 (UNI) The Congress on Thursday, while welcoming the Supreme Court’s striking down of the “Electoral Bond Scheme as unconstitutional,” termed it a ‘Black Money Conversion’ scheme of the Modi government.

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said in a post on X that the Congress, since the launch of the scheme, has called it “opaque and undemocratic,” and in “its 2019 manifesto, the Congress party promised to scrap Modi’s dubious scheme.”.

“We welcome the decision of the Supreme Court today, which has struck down this ‘Black Money Conversion’ scheme of the Modi government, calling it “unconstitutional,” Karge said.

“We remember how the Modi government, PMO, and FM bulldozed every institution – RBI, Election Commission, Parliament, and Oppositionto fill BJP’s coffers. No wonder, 95% of the funding under this scheme was received by the BJP,” he said.

He hoped that the Modi government would stop resorting to such mischievous ideas in the future and listen to the Supreme Court so that democracy, transparency, and a level playing field persist.

Meanwhile, Party leader Jairam Ramesh, in a post on X, said, “The long-awaited verdict is hugely welcome and will reinforce the power of votes over notes.”

He said, “The Supreme Court has held the much-touted Electoral Bonds scheme of the Modi Sarkar as violative of both laws passed by Parliament as well as the Constitution of India.”

He attacked the Narendra Modi government of “inflicting ANYAY upon ANYAY on the Annadatas while privileging the Chandadatas.”

Ramesh said, “We also hope that the Supreme Court will take note that the Election Commission has been consistently refusing to even meet political parties on the issue of the Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT). If everything is transparent in the voting process, then why this obstinacy.”

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