Israeli missile attack targets sites in central Syria

Damascus, Feb 7 (UNI) An Israeli missile attack targeted areas in the central province of Homs after midnight Wednesday, the state TV reported.

The attack was conducted at around 12:30 am local time on Wednesday (2130 GMT) from over the northern Lebanese region of Tripoli, targeting various sites in the city of Homs and its vicinity, said the Syrian Defense Ministry.

The Syrian air defenses intercepted and destroyed several missiles, while a few others landed in the Al-Qusayr countryside, resulting in fires in the area.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said nine explosions were heard in Homs and its countryside as a result of the attack.

Five people were injured when a residential building collapsed on Al-Hamra Street as a result of the attack, said local media.

This attack was the latest in a series of Israeli strikes on military sites in Syria.

The Observatory said Israel also shelled sites belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah on the outskirts of Homs.

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