Is there a long list of claimants in both parties?

Everyone is trying to prove themselves as grassroots leaders

Puneet Dubey, Itarsi

For the assembly elections to be held in November, ticket contenders from both the parties (BJP and Congress) seem to be leaving no stone unturned to stake claim in Sohagpur assembly constituency. They are actively participating in social events to prove themselves as grassroots leaders.

Although there is factionalism and tussle in both the parties, but where the Congress is facing continuous defeat in the last 3 elections, on the other hand, Vijaypal Singh of BJP was successful in getting the party to win three times, but now the time seems to be changing. On one hand, workers and leaders used to unite under the flag of BJP and try to make the candidate win earlier, but due to high ambition many big leaders of the state level are also willing to contest from Sohagpur seat now. Be it BJP or Congress, there is a long line of candidates in both the parties, but many local leaders are seen talking about making them regional MLAs again.

Talking about BJP, the first name that comes up is that of regional MLA Vijay Pal Singh. During his tenure, the development of the constituency itself seems to praise him. Due to his untiring efforts, hundreds of kilometers of roads have been built from village to village by the Rural Road Scheme, so that the rural areas can be connected to the main cities of the assembly and the villagers can be reached. There should not be any kind of problem in the transport, mutual relations in each village and development of the area, arrangements for drinking water are visible in the entire assembly.

Another name is District President Jalam Singh Patel. By defeating his rival BJP District Vice President Suresh Patel, he became the district president. The famous social worker Dadda ji in the Gurjar community, the current district president is known for his simple nature. After becoming the district president, he is continuously visiting every village. His name is also included in the main contenders due to the special consideration of former MP representative and MP.

The third name is of Rajo Malaviya. Presently posted as BJP State Executive Member and Bharat Tibet General Union National Secretary, Ms. Malviya has held many important positions at the state and national level. Uma was also a member of the State Women’s Commission in the Bharti government and contested the Bhopal mayor’s election against Vibha Patel. She is born in Sohagpur, her personal relationship with the residents is her strength.

The fourth name is Raja Bhaiya Patel. Former Mandi Vice President, Patel has a different identity in the area, he has deep relations with every village, who actively participates in social works.

The fifth name is Suresh Patel. BJP District Vice President Suresh Patel from Purbiya Samaj, known throughout the Suhagpur Assembly for his simple and sociable nature, is also in the fray, according to sources. On the other hand, if sources are to be believed, Piyush Sharma, Darshan Singh Chaudhary and other state level leaders are also seen with the intention of contesting from Sohagpur assembly seat.

Only the future will decide that which candidates will be fielded by BJP and Congress, but due to factionalism and contradictions in this election, the possibilities of affecting the results cannot be ruled out.

Now it’s about Congress

The first name from Congress is that of Savita Dewan Sharma. Born in Sohagpur, a former MLA, Congress leader Savita Diwan Sharma, who has held several important positions in the Congress party, has personal relations in the area.

Then comes the name of Pushparaj Patel. The present District President Congress Committee is the leader of Digvijay Singh faction, a well-known farmer of the area who has made his mark as a strong speaker.

The third name is Santosh Malviya, who is known as Dada in the assembly constituency and former City Council President, made an incomparable contribution to the development of the area. Due to his clean image and sociable nature, he is a ground leader who takes all the people along with him, famous for his distinct identity in the assembly constituency and unique ways of working for the general public.

The fourth name is of Satpal Palia. He held many important posts at the district and state level, former candidates have also been there. Palia, who solves public problems, has created a huge mass base across the region due to his simple nature. Professional contractor and philanthropist, loyal worker and Congress leader Hargovind Purbia is a popular leader who has created a different image for himself in the minds of people in a short span of time.


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