Iran rejects need for direct talks with U.S. on regional issues

Tehran, Feb 5 (UNI) Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani said Monday that direct talks with the United States on regional issues were unnecessary.

He spoke at a weekly press conference in Tehran, where he answered a question about the need for negotiations between Iran and the United States to ease tensions in West Asia.

Kanaani said Iran’s position was clear, and it had conveyed its message to Washington through mediators. The solution to the crisis and the tension in the region was clear, and so was the source of the crisis, which was the Palestinian issue.

He added the U.S. government was not part of the solution, but the problem, and it was escalating tensions in the region. He said this was not only Iran’s view, but also that of many nations and governments.

Furthermore, he criticized the U.S. and British strikes on the Houthi targets in Yemen, slamming it as a “crude move, in violation of international law and regulations, and aimed at diverting global public opinion from the source of the crisis in the region.”

“What is taking place in the Red Sea is the effect, not the cause,” said Kanaani, accusing the U.S. of trying to expand the conflicts in the region, which would endanger international security and peace.

The U.S. and Britain have launched several rounds of strikes on the Houthi targets in Yemen since January in response to the group’s attacks on ships linked to Israel in the Red Sea.

The Houthis said their attacks were to stop the Israeli strikes on Gaza, which began on Oct. 7, 2023, and to show solidarity with Palestinians.

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