Innovation & inspiration unveiled at Elysian and Synesthesia summit

New Delhi, April 28 (UNI) Creative minds converged at the University School of Design and Innovation (USDI) and the University School of Automation and Robotics (USAR) for a transformative three-day summit, encapsulating the essence of traditional and technical knowledge.

Hosted at the GGSIPU East campus, the event marked the annual festival with a fervour of exploration and discovery.

Under the theme “Beyond Universe: Unlocking Creativity,” the 1st Design Summit of USDI, known as Synesthesia, and the 2nd Elysian Summit of USAR showcased a symphony of innovation and creativity. Dr. Kamal Pathak, registrar, emphasised the fusion of technical prowess with creative vision, highlighting the roles of students in design, architecture, automation, and robotics.

Prof. Arvinder Kaur, Dean, highlighted the overnight hackathon, where enthusiasts delved into themed challenges such as open innovation, robotics, Gen AI, Web 3.0, and cyber security. Twenty-five teams were shortlisted, showcasing their passion and determination for building creative applications.

Synesthesia activities ranged from Designathon to Terracotta and Bamboo Workshops, Virtual Gauntlet, Photography Workshop, Sustainable Styling Workshop, and a Panel Discussion.

Meanwhile, Elysian, derived from the Greek word for “blissful life,” symbolised the aspiration for a harmonious existence, while synesthesia, meaning “synthesising knowledge,” embodied the spirit of inquiry and enlightenment.

Prof. P.C. Sharma, Director, extended a warm welcome to guests, including Prof. Amit Mookerjee from DTU, who emphasised the vision of “Viksit Bharat” as a dream shared by many Indian youths.

Dr. Rahul Johari provided an overview of the programme, while Dr. Nanda, an industrialist in toy manufacturing, shared valuable insights from his experiences. Dr. Bindoo Ranjan concluded the event with a vote of thanks, acknowledging the collaborative effort that made the summit a beacon of inspiration.

The summit was not just about functionality but also about infusing joy, excitement, and beauty into people’s lives, echoing the words of design luminary Don Norman. It stood as a testament to the power of innovation and the boundless potential of human creativity to shape a brighter future.

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