India’s Nari Shakti touching new heights of progress: PM Modi

New Delhi, Feb 25, (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday hailed the participation of women in the nation’s development process saying, “India’s Nari Shakti is touching new heights of progress in every field”.

Addressing the nation in the 110th episode of his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Modi said the world would prosper only when women get equal opportunities.

He further said, “Who would have thought till a few years ago that in our country, women living in villages would also fly drones? But today this is becoming possible. Today, there is so much discussion about Drone Didi in every village, ‘Namo Drone Didi, Namo Drone Didi’ is on everyone’s lips. Everyone is talking about them.”

” Another area where women have demonstrated their leadership abilities is natural farming, water conservation and sanitation,” Modi said.

He pointed out that water committees have had a big role to play in the Jal Jeevan Mission and the leadership of these water committees lies only with women.

Modi said, “After a few days on March 8, we will celebrate Women’s Day. This special day is an opportunity to salute the contributions of women’s power in the developmental journey of the country”.

PM Modi also spoke about the technological integration in conserving animals. He said, “Technology is being used extensively for the conservation of wildlife in different parts of our country.”

He added, “Tribal families living in Khatkali village near Melghat Tiger Reserve have converted their houses into home stays with the help of the government. This is becoming a big source of income for them”

PM Modi said a few days later, on the 3rd of March, it is ‘World Wildlife Day’. This day is celebrated to spread awareness on the conservation of wild animals.

“This year, Digital Innovation has been kept paramount in the theme of the World Wild Life Day” he added.

Giving an example of some tiger reserves, PM Modi said during the last few years, through the efforts of the government, the number of tigers in the country has increased. The number of tigers in the Tiger Reserve of Chandrapur, Maharashtra has risen to more than 250″.

“The help of Artificial Intelligence is being taken to reduce conflict between humans and tigers in Chandrapur district” he added.

As the Lok sabha elections are around the corner, PM Modi urged first time voters to vote in record numbers.

“On turning 18, you are getting a chance to elect a member for the 18th Lok Sabha. That means this 18th Lok Sabha will also be a symbol of youth aspiration” he added.

He also urged the country’s influencers, regardless of whether they are from the sports world, film industry, literature world, other professionals or Instagram or YouTubers, to actively participate in this campaign and motivate first time voters.

The PM noted that the atmosphere of Lok Sabha elections is all pervasive in the country and as happened last time, there is a possibility that the code of conduct might also be in place in March.

He said Mann Ki Baat’ will not be broadcast for the next three months in these days of Lok Sabha elections.

“Next when we will interact with you in ‘Mann Ki Baat’, it will be the 111th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Next time ‘Mann Ki Baat’ starts with the auspicious number 111” he added.

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