India’s horticulture output pegged at 355.25 MT in 2023-24: First Advance Estimate

New Delhi, March 7 (UNI) India’s horticulture production is expected to remain flat at 355.25 million tonnes (MT) in 2023-24, according to First Advance Estimates released by Ministry of Agriculture on Thursday.

The horticulture output is estimated at 355.48 MT in 2022-23.

The area under horticulture crops is estimated at 28.77 million hectare in 2023-24 as against 28.44 million hectares in the previous year.

As per the First Advance Estimates for 2023-24, production of fruits is expected to reach 112.08 million tonnes on account of increase in production of banana, mandarin and mango.

“Production of vegetables is envisaged to be around 209.39 Million Tonnes (in 2023-24). Increase is expected in production of cabbage, cauliflower, pumpkin, tapioca, tomato and other vegetables,” Agriculture Ministry said.

Production of tomatoes is expected to be around 208.19 lakh tonne in 2023-24 as compared to around 204.25 lakh tonne last year, an increase by 1.93% lakh tonne.

“Production of onion in 2023-24 (First Advance Estimates) is expected to be around 254.73 lakh tonne compared to around 302.08 lakh tonne last year due to decrease of 34.31 lakh tonne in Maharashtra, 9.95 lakh tonne in Karnataka, 3.54 lakh tonne in Andhra Pradesh and 3.12 lakh tonne in Rajasthan,” an official release said.

Production of potato in 2023-24 (First Advance Estimates) is expected to be around 589.94 lakh tonne compared to around 601.42 lakh tonne last year.

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