India’s Got Talent: Farhan Sabir Live’s performance takes Shilpa Shetty back to shoot of Dhadkan

Mumbai, Oct 6 (UNI) Sony Entertainment Television’s talent reality show, India’s Got Talent, takes pride in celebrating ‘hunar’ from every corner of the country.

And this weekend, in its ‘Wish Special’ episodes, viewers will see the glamourous divas of the film – ‘Thank You For Coming’, Bhumi Pednekar, Shehnaaz Gill, Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, and Shibani Bedi grace the show. Not only will they enjoy the performances but also add their enigmatic charm to the show!

One standout performer of the evening will be Delhi’s Farhan Sabir Live. With his soulful voice, Farhan will serenade everyone with the heart-warming rendition of ‘Dulhe Ka Sehra’, a popular song from the iconic film, ‘Dhadkan’.

Moved by Farhan Sabir Live’s enchanting performance, Judge Badshah shares, “Farhan Sabir Live, the moment you step on stage, you infuse life into the atmosphere. Your performance, the unique bond you share with your father, and this song – all of it moved me deeply. I felt multiple emotions watching your beautiful performance. Dulhe Ka Sehra resonates differently with everyone. For me, as a father, it echoed the sentiments of a father seeing his daughter off. I was overwhelmed. And, I can proudly say it’s always a blessing to listen to you.”

Shilpa Shetty, who originally starred in Dhadkan, reminisced about her days of shooting for the film, saying, “Dhadkan holds a special place in my heart, especially this song. Whenever this song was played during the shoot, I couldn’t help but burst into tears, even though I wasn’t married at the time. But somewhere, I could resonate with that feeling and I am sure every girl can feel it. Your performance tonight brought back all those memories. Dulhe Ka Sehra is one of the last songs sung by the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and your rendition did complete justice to this masterpiece. You are undeniably a master of your craft.”

Guest Bhumi Pednekar also expressed her admiration, stating, “I am very overwhelmed after watching you perform. Every girl, regardless of her marital status, connects with the emotion of Bidaai. Dulhe Ka Sehra is not just a song. It’s an emotion. First of all, it is one of my favourite songs. To top it all, your performance elevated it to a whole new level. It felt like you were channelling a divine energy while performing. I consider myself lucky to have witnessed this performance live. It’ll forever be etched in my memory.”

After his soul-stirring performance, the cast of Thank You For Coming will join hands to assist Gulamji, Farhan’s father, in a playful attempt to impress Kirron Kher by singing Punjabi Boliyan.

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