If you break a traffic signal, you will receive a challan at home

  • Unruly traffic at Prabhat intersection of Bhopal now started getting organized, cameras have also been made functional

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Traffic Police, busy in the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections, will now remain active at the intersections of the capital Bhopal from May 15, keeping an eye on the drivers breaking traffic rules. Meanwhile, a traffic signal has started at Prabhat intersection of the capital, on which drivers break the most rules and regulations, from last week. Now if a driver breaks the rules here, the challan will be sent directly to his home the next day.

After retiring from election work, the duty of police personnel will now be devoted to improving the traffic system of the city. Especially, the traffic police have been given the responsibility of half a dozen major intersections of the city. A few days ago, the traffic police personnel had boarded the BRTS buses and made the bus passengers aware. Now the police will not make any restriction regarding traffic rules while people are passing at Roshanpura intersection, Prabhat intersection and Vallabh Bhawan intersection. Now the entire traffic control at these two intersections is being done through traffic signals and ITMS. Currently, the traffic police has selected these two intersections of the capital under the pilot project. Traffic police officials say that if this new system brings any reduction in rule breakers here, then this system will be started in other intersections of the city also.

Traffic pressure increased at Prabhat intersection

When the work of laying the line for the metro train started in the city, due to closure of many routes, the traffic towards the intersection of Jinsi Jahangirabad, Bharat Talkies and railway platform number six was diverted towards Prabhat Square, 80 Feet Road. Due to this, there is movement of about 2000 vehicles every hour from all four directions at Prabhat intersection from 7 am to 11 pm. There was a very wide roundabout here, which was demolished a year ago. Since construction of a flyover is proposed here. For this reason, after removing the roundabout from this intersection, the statue of Shastri kept here was removed and shifted to the post located on the 80 feet road side. Due to this, the intersection started appearing very wide and the drivers coming from all around used to cross it, defying the traffic rules. Due to this, there have been many incidents of vehicles colliding with each other and people getting injured.

Now, traffic police has started taking strict action

The police department was troubled by the disorganized traffic at Prabhat intersection. Even after giving advice to the drivers, there was no improvement. In view of this, recently the district administration has started traffic signals and CCTV cameras. Traffic in-charge Parmlal Patel said that the traffic system here has started improving since the last 10 days. We have taken strict action. Now, whichever driver breaks the rules, the challan will reach his home the very next day. Patel said that right now we are releasing those who break the rules after giving them advice till May 15. After this, the challan proceedings will be started. Therefore, there is an appeal to the drivers to follow the traffic signals at the intersection.

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