I have fulfilled my duty, now it is your turn, says 103 year old voter

Bhopal: I have done my duty, now you too must fulfill yours … 103 year old voter Smt. Bari Bai gives this message to the young voters by showing off the indelible ink on her finger.

It may be noted that the elderly above 85 and voters with more than 40 percent disability do not have to come to the polling booth to vote in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. For this, the Election Commission of India is encouraging such voters to vote from home as per their wish by providing them the facility to vote from home.

Taking advantage of this facility, Smt. Bari Bai (aged 103) from Udaipura assembly constituency no. 140 of Raisen district under Hoshangabad Lok Sabha Parliamentary constituency, expressed her desire to vote from home. On receiving the application, the polling team reached the house of the centenarian and helped to cast her vote. Satisfied with the home voting facility, Smt. Bari Bai expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the Election Commission of India. She also gave a message to the young voters to participate enthusiastically in this great festival of democracy and vote.

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