Huge crisis of drinking water in 170 urban bodies of Madhya Pradesh

  • Not getting drinking water every day in districts, crisis will increase as heat increases
  • Municipal bodies have not yet received amount
  • Government will have to plan to supply water on alternative days

Kanhaiya Lodhi, Bhopal
Scorching heat is slowly increasing in the state and is sure to intensify in the month of May. As the heat gets harsher, it is certain that water crisis will worsen in the cities of the state in the same proportion. The month of May has just begun and a drinking water crisis has started developing in 170 municipal bodies of the state. Water is not being supplied daily to the people of these civic bodies — the reason being that the sources from which water is supplied here have now started drying up or there is not enough water coming; in such a situation, water cuts have to be resorted to. This has become the easiest option for the officers; as a result, at a time when people need water the most, they are facing a paucity of water.

The number of urban bodies in the state is 413, out of which drinking water is being supplied daily to only 243, but the situation in the rest is becoming increasingly critical. As the heat increases in the coming days, the number of bodies providing drinking water every day will also reduce and then plans for alternative days may have to be made for water supply to some more bodies.

Situation is worst in Indore and Ujjain divisions – Indore and Ujjain divisions have the worst situation in terms of drinking water in the state. There are 55 bodies under Indore division, out of which only 17 bodies are getting water every day, while the remaining 38 are getting water supply only on alternate days. Similarly, out of 67 bodies of Ujjain division, only 18 are getting water every day.

Water is being supplied to 42 bodies here on alternative days

Bodies have not received funds. No amount has yet been allocated from the special fund for water supply arrangements to any body facing water crisis in the state. Similarly, for water transport, the civic bodies have not yet sent the proposal to the Relief Commissioner, hence there is no question of getting additional funds for water transport.

These bodies are getting drinking water after a gap of two days

Banda, Shahpur, Patharia, Sehore, Jawar, Biaora, Dongarparasia, Shivpuri, Pankhedi Kalapipal, Shujalpur- Piplya Mandi, Bhainsadamandi, Neemuch, Kukadeshwar.

Latest status of drinking water supply in the state

Division                                  Body    Daily     supply
Sagar                                       58         30                28
Rewa, Shahdol                     54         49                05
Bhopal, Narmadapuram    64         38                26
Jabalpur                                56         49                07
Gwalior, Chambal               59         42                17
Indore                                    55         17                38
Ujjain                                     67         18                49

Water is available in 14 bodies after two days

In the state, water is being supplied to 155 bodies after a day, while there are 14 bodies where water is being supplied after a gap of two days, if not after a day. People of these civic bodies even have to do water banking. If a family needs water and then borrows water from a neighbor, then it has to return the same amount of water in the next term. Similarly, in Tonkhurd, a civic body in the state, water is available only after 3 days. This is the only civic body in the state so far, where water is available after such a long period of time.

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