How did the pen drive reach Kamal Nath?

  • Honey trap case, next hearing on February 10

Chronicle Reporter, Indore
A hearing was held in the district court on Monday in the country’s famous honey trap case. Due to new SIT Chief Adarsh Katiyar being on training in Coimbatore, the reply related to former CM Kamal Nath’s pen drive statement could not be presented. Now, the next hearing will be on 10th February.

The honey trap case was heard in the special court on Monday. The lawyer of the accused raised the matter in the court regarding the report of CRPC 173 and the reply of the SIT regarding the presence of Honey Trap CD and pen drive with former CM Kamal Nath. The government lawyer said that the reply could not be presented because the new SIT chief was under training. The government lawyer also said that Nath is not supporting in this case, even though a notice was sent to him. The investigating officer had given notice to Nath and asked him to deposit the pen drive and CD in the office.

Police had to respond to the second application also

Now what did Nath do in response to the notice? The new SIT Chief will clarify the situation regarding this to the court during the next hearing. The police also had to respond to the second application in the matter. In this, accused Rupa Ahirwar had applied that her mobile be returned to her. SIT lawyer Abhijeet Singh Rathore said that accused Roopa’s mobile electronics are evidence. It cannot be returned. Another application was also made by the accused to complete the research within a month. In that too, the government has said that the investigation will be carried out as per the rules. The next hearing in the case will be on February 10.


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