Houthis attack US aircraft carrier, destroyer in Red Sea

Sanaa, June 2 (UNI) Yemen’s Ansar Allah movement, also known as Houthis, attacked a US aircraft carrier, destroyer and a number of ships in the Red Sea, Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree said on Saturday.

The Houthi navy, missile units and drones have conducted six operations, the spokesman said.

“The US aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower was attacked in the northern Red Sea with several missiles and drones,” Saree said, adding that a US destroyer was also attacked in the Red Sea.

The movement’s forces struck ships in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean that “belong to companies that violated the decision to ban passage to [Israeli] ports,” the spokesman added.

Houthis vowed in November 2023 to attack any ships associated with Israel until it halts military actions in the Gaza Strip. Amid the Houthi attacks, some companies suspended shipments through the Red Sea. The attacks prompted the United States to form a multinational coalition, which includes the United Kingdom among others, to protect shipping in the area of the Red Sea, as well as to strike Houthi targets on the ground.

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