Holi celebrated in Telangana with vibrance and zeal

Hyderabad, Mar 25 (UNI) Holi, the festival of colours, was celebrated across Telangana on Monday with customary fervour and exuberance.

The festival, which symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and welcomes the spring season, brought joyous scenes to many parts of Hyderabad, its twin Secunderabad, and other regions of the state. Revellers joyfully doused each other in colours, accompanied by singing, dancing, and the rhythmic beats of drums.

In several localities, people ignited bonfires, symbolizing the victory of good as they burned effigies of demoness Holika, the sister of demon Hiranyakashyapu, marking the onset of the Holi celebrations.

Shops selling “gulal” and other colours experienced brisk business as people indulged in purchasing items for the festivities.

C P Radhakrishnan, the Governor of Telangana, extended his heartfelt wishes to the people of the state on the joyous occasion of Holi.

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