Hezbollah official killed, 4 civilians wounded in Israeli strikes in S. Lebanon

Beirut, Feb 27 (UNI) A Hezbollah official was killed and four civilians were injured in Israeli strikes across different areas of southern Lebanon on Monday, said Lebanese military sources.

An Israeli drone launched an air-to-surface missile at a car in Al-Majadel town, located in the southwestern Lebanese city of Tyre, killing Hassan Hussein Salameh, an Hezbollah official in southern Lebanon, and wounding a person sitting next to him and another passer-by in the vicinity, the sources said on condition of anonymity.

In a separate incident, two paramedics from the Islamic Health Authority affiliated with Hezbollah sustained injuries, and their ambulance was destroyed during an Israeli raid on the village of Aita Al-Shaab in southern Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah announced that in response to Israel’s attacks, its fighters on Monday afternoon “launched 60 Katyusha rockets targeting an Israeli army base named Nafah in the occupied Golan Heights in Syria.”

The Lebanon-Israel border has been witnessing increased tension since Oct. 8, 2023, after Hezbollah fired dozens of rockets toward Israel in support of the Hamas attack on Israel the previous day, prompting Israel to respond by firing heavy artillery toward southeastern Lebanon.

The confrontations between Hezbollah and Israel have killed 317 people on the Lebanese side, including 215 Hezbollah members and 59 civilians, according to Lebanese security sources.

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