Give training to operate EVM and VVPAT machines

Bhopal: CEO Anupam Rajan has told the Collector and District Election Officers that along with the polling parties, sector officers should also be given hands-on training to operate EVM and VVPAT machines. In view of the heat, ensure availability of shade, water, medicine and ORS packets in all polling stations. Para medical staff should also be present along with the Sector Officer, so that if anyone needs treatment, he/she can be provided immediate medical care.

Shri Rajan instructed the District Election Officers to brace the monitoring teams (enforcement agencies) and take legal action in cases of violation of the Model Code of Conduct. He said that strict action should be taken against criminal elements that can influence the elections and they should also inform the general public about such action through the media. Vigil must be increased in the state and through inter-state checkpoints. Collector and SP should jointly visit as many polling stations as possible, hold discussions with the people and take their feedback even on small issues. Quickly resolve complaints received through “cVIGIL app”. He said that for complete transparency in the election process, instructions were given to inform the political parties and candidates about the updated guidelines of the Election Commission.


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