Give relief to individual taxpayers by lowering taxes: Masala King

Mumbai, (UNI) Masala King Dhananjay Datar, who is chairman and managing director of Adil Group of Super Stores in UAE, while expressing his expectations from the upcoming Interim Budget for 2024-25, suggested that the government should offer tax relief to players in the Indian retail sector and to the common people to increase their consumption power and simultaneously chalk out such policies which will encourage the NRIs and international businesses to bring FDI in this sector.

“The Indian retail sector has a huge potential to grow and the coming era is promising for India. A decade ago, India was a buyer’s market, but today it has transformed into a seller’s market. Many countries in the world are desperately eyeing India for a supply of foodgrains and other agricultural commodities… If we develop a comprehensive ecosystem for retail sector in India, it will surely prove to be a catalyst for Indian economy to transform into a superpower, much ahead of the targeted period,” he said.

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