‘Gill is sick, but not ruled out’ : Rohit Sharma

Chennai, (UNI) India Captain Rohit Sharma has not yet ruled out Shubman Gill from India’s opening game against Australia to be played at MA Chidambaram Stadium here on Sunday.

“Everybody is fit. Gill is not cent percent, but he’s sick. So, there’s no injury concern. Gill is not feeling well. We are monitoring him on a daily basis. So, we’re going to give him every chance to recover and see how he feels. So, he’s not ruled out yet,” he told reporters on the eve of the match.

Asked if it worries him with the ill-health of Gill, Rohit said, “No, it doesn’t worry. I mean obviously he is sick. I feel for him. I want him to get well. He’s a young guy. He has got a fit body so he’ll recover quick.”

Asked whether three spinners including Ravichandran Ashwin will be played in tomorrow’s match, Rohit said it definitely is an option and there is a window for playing three seamers as well.

“I don’t really consider Hardik Pandya as just a seamer. He’s a proper fast bowler, who can crank up good speed. So that gives us an advantage. That gives us that luxury of playing three spinners and three seamers as well. You know, there’s a possibility that we can play three spinners on this pitch with three seamers as well.

“So, it gives us that balance gives us that number eight batting option as well, so yeah like I said we will have to come here again tomorrow afternoon and see what the pitch looks like but yeah, three spinners is definitely an option,” he said.

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