Ghana launches strategic plan to eliminate malaria

Accra, Jan. 17 (UNI) Ghana on Tuesday launched a national malaria elimination strategic plan, aiming to eradicate the deadly disease in the country.

The 2024-2028 malaria elimination strategic plan contains a comprehensive roadmap towards a malaria-free Ghana, said Kwaku Agyeman Manu, Ghana’s minister of health.

“Malaria-related deaths are unacceptable in Ghana. Indeed, nobody should be dying of malaria in this day and age,” said the minister, adding that Ghana has the science, tools, and human resources necessary to end malaria.

“Malaria elimination is feasible and achievable with our strong collaboration, leadership, and strategic approaches,” he added.

Sharmila Lareef, Multi-Country Assignment Officer for Ghana, Liberia, Gambia, and Sierra Leone at the World Health Organization (WHO), lauded Ghana for the progress it has made in the fight against malaria.

She affirmed the WHO’s commitment to continue to provide the required technical assistance for Ghana to eliminate the disease.

Malaria elimination requires high political commitment, renewed and stronger partnerships, mobilization of adequate resources, and substantial investment in the elimination strategy, said Lareef.

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