Gaurav Pandey says his upcoming film is fine example of how friendship can take one places

New Delhi, (UNI) We all have had that one judgemental aunty in our lives – who has constantly doubted our efforts and made us wonder – ke log kya kahenge?

From family to neighbours to sometimes your own friends, there are always people around the corner constantly bogging you down.

The pressure of being perfect often weighs too heavily on a person, and you just want to break free!

And that’s where Gaurav’s (Ishwak Singh) story begins: getting out of the corporate grind and pursuing what he wants.

‘Tum Se Na Ho Payega’, Disney+ Hotstar’s upcoming film, is a relatable slice of life story set against the backdrop of two best friends who want to define their own success as they deal with what every aunt in their society is talking about!

Produced by Roy Kapur Films, RSVP, and Star Studios, along with Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari and Nitesh Tiwari, ‘Tum Se Na Ho Payega’ is directed by Abhishek Sinha and will begin streaming on Disney+ Hotstar starting September 29, 2023.

Life takes unexpected turns when friends step into the picture.

They’re the ones who make the journey not only meaningful but downright fun.

‘Tum Se Na Ho Payega’ reveals how, sometimes, friends are the compass guiding us towards the most joyous detours, where laughter and shared dreams take centre stage.

Talking about the same, Gaurav Pandey, said, “The main focus of our story is the friendship between my character, Sharad, and Ishwak’s character.

The film begins with their friendship, their conflicts, and the challenges they face together.

Eventually, they reach a point where they decide to make something significant out of their lives, aiming to think big, dream big, and take action.

In a friendship, it’s crucial for both energies to be in sync, working for each other.

There’s always a give-and-take dynamic, which you will also witness in Sharad and Gaurav’s relationship in the film.

It’s a clear illustration of how friendships can open doors to new opportunities when trust and support are present, and that’s what their friendship represents.”

Get ready to feel a rollercoaster of emotions as Gaurav breaks free from the pressures of society and inspires you to do so as well, with ‘Tum Se Na Ho Payega’ streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from September 29 onwards.

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