Gamini gives birth to 5 adorable cubs

Wildlife lovers in MP rejoice as good news comes from Kuno Park

Chronicle Reporter Bhopal, Female cheetah Gamini, brought from South Africa, has given birth to five cubs in Kuno National Park. Union Forest Minister Bhupendra Yadav gave the information by sharing their photos and videos on Instagram.

Of the 12 cheetahs brought from South Africa on 18 February 2023, Gamini is the first female cheetah to have given birth to cubs on Indian soil. Earlier, Jwala, had given birth to cubs twice and Asha once. Both had come from Naminia.

Under the Cheetah Restoration Project, on 17 September 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi released 8 cheetahs brought from Namibia in Kuno National Park, Sheopur. Of these, Jwala Cheetah gave birth to four cubs in March 2023, however, three of these cubs died due to extreme heat and weakness. A cub is completely healthy and is about to turn one year old.

In January this year, Asha Cheetah had given birth to three cubs and Jwala Cheetah had again given birth to four cubs, after which Gamini has now given birth to five cubs. Now there are 13 cubs and as many adult cubs in Kuno.

Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav shared the information on Internet Media Platform X and described it as a big success of Project Cheetah.

A big success of Project Cheetah: Yadav

The Union Minister wrote: High Five, Kuno! Female cheetah Gamini, age about 5 years, brought from Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, South Africa, has given birth to 5 cubs today. This takes the tally of the Indian born cubs to 13. This is the fourth cheetah litter on Indian soil and the first litter of cheetahs brought from South Africa. Congratulations to all, especially the team of forest officers, vets, and field staff who have ensured a stress-free environment for cheetahs, which has led to successful mating and birth of the cubs. The total number of cheetahs, including cubs in Kuno National Park, is 26. Gamini’s legacy leaps forward: Introducing her adorable cubs!

Project Tiger Director and APCCF Uttam Kumar Sharma said that the female cheetah Gamini and the cubs are still in a big enclosure. The team got this information during monitoring. All the cubs of Gamini are healthy.

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