G20 summit: Comprehensive security arrangement in Delhi

New Delhi, (UNI) Ahead of the G20 summit, a comprehensive security arrangement has been made across the national capital. All the important points including airports, event venues or places where dignitaries will stay have been covered with security.

A senior Delhi Police officer said that several anti-terror measures have been taken to avert any untoward incident during the summit. The police got assistance from Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) and NSG in terms of manpower and equipment for its preparation for the event which is scheduled to be held on September 9 and 10, at Pragati Maidan in Delhi.

The city is gearing up to host the highly anticipated G20 summit as an integral part of its preparations today, the newly recruited trainee commandos of Delhi Police demonstrated their proficiency in the helicopter slithering exercise at Delhi Police Academy, Jharoda Kalan in Delhi, Delhi Police said.

A total of 16 Sub-Inspectors (Male), 3 Women SIs and 162 constables from the Delhi Police undertook the ‘Helicopter Slithering’ field tactics drill training, which was conducted using a Border Security Force MI-17 IV Helicopter in the nation capital.

Slithering from a helicopter is an exceptionally perilous procedure, posing significant risks not only to the pilot but also to the individuals descending from the airborne helicopter, due to the powerful rotor-generated wind gusts. It plays a critical role as a swift and vital operation executed by highly trained personnel to reach the ground level or a designated point during scenarios such as terrorist attacks or emergencies in rugged terrain where traditional transportation methods are impractical, Delhi Police said.

After completing the Helicopter slithering training drill, Sunil Kumar Gautam, Special Commissioner of Police (Training), Delhi expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support and cooperation from the Border Security Force officials, underscoring the significance of such collaborative initiatives in bolstering security and preparedness.

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