For every Rs 100, Karnataka gets Rs 13 from Centre: Ktk CM Siddaramaiah

New Delhi, Feb 7 (UNI) Amidst the Karnataka Congress government’s protest against the Centre at Jantar Mantar here on Wednesday, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah alleged that for every Rs 100 given to the Centre, the state gets Rs 13 in return.

Sidaramaiah said though Karnataka is the second-highest tax contributor nationwide, the centrally sponsored schemes grants have witnessed a consistent decline.

“From Rs 20,986 crore in 2021-22, it has sharply dropped to Rs 13,005 crore in 2023-24 – an alarming Rs 7,000 crore reduction,” he said.

Siddaramaiah led a “Chalo Delhi” protest by the Karnataka Congress against the central government’s tax devolution policies here on Wednesday.

The Centre is yet to release funds for flood relief and farmers issues in Karnataka, Karnataka CM alleged. “The reduction in our state’s share of central taxes from 4.71 percent in the 14th Finance Commission to 3.64 percent in the 15th Finance Commission has led to a staggering loss of approximately Rs 62,098 crore to Karnataka over five years,” he said.

The absence of BJP and JDS leaders today is a display of political cowardice, an escape from their duties, and a stark reminder of the political opportunism that plagues the Karnataka unit of BJP and JDS, Siddaramaiah said.

Siddaramaiah said the country stands at the threshold of change, united in its diversity, strong in our convictions, and unwavering in our pursuit of justice for Karnataka. “Today we stand together at Jantar Mantar, an enduring symbol of democratic expression and a testament to the power of the people’s voice throughout India’s history,” he said.

DyCM Shivakumar alleged that the state is only getting 13 percent of what it is supposed to get, and let the Centre give Gift City to Karnataka too.

“We are asking for our rights, we are getting 13 percent of whatever percentage we are supposed to get. I do not mind if other states get benefits.

“They have given Gift City to Gujarat. Let them give it to us also, the Gift City. Let them give the opportunity to Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Maharashtra. India is a united country,” he said.

Karnataka Minister KH Muniyappa said not a single paisa has been released to address the drought situation in Karnataka despite the assurance given by the central government.

“The government of India has sent an expert committee to study the drought situation in Karnataka and has submitted the report. The Karnataka CM met the Union Home Minister, and he assured that the money would be released.

“But, till today, the Centre has not released the money. We have made every effort to get the money. This is the last resort. We have to protest,” he said.

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