Fog delays India, New Zealand match

Dharamsala, (UNI) Unusual scenes saw the match between India and New Zealand delayed in Dharamsala.

The evening match in the north-Indian venue was temporarily halted when fog descended onto the ground to such an extent that the umpires had no choice but to put a stop to the game during the 16th over.

Conditions had become so difficult for the fielders to see in Dharamsala that play had to be halted, with umpires waiting for a clear improvement in conditions before allowing India’s chase to continue.

The points would have been shared had the teams been unable to come back out, given that 20 overs of the second innings had not been completed.

But thankfully the delay didn’t last long, as the haze lifted to give Virat Kohli and Shreyas Iyer the chance to walk back out to the middle.

‘Fog stops play’ is an unusual situation for cricket in India, but the high altitude of the picturesque ground in Dharamsala means that conditions at the venue are notably different from many other at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

The venue sits within view of the Himalayas, and lies at an altitude of 1457 metres.

But the interruption due to fog lasted for such a short time, as the haze drifted across the ground before clearing, that no time was lost in the game.

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