Focus on half the population, Annadata and saints

  • Rajya Sabha candidates of BJP–strategic chessboard laid to woo all sections before general elections

Harish Dubey, Gwalior/Bhopal
Out of the four faces that BJP has fielded for the biennial elections of Rajya Sabha to be held on 27th February, at least three names can be considered unexpected.

Just as in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, the party gave opportunity to new hardworking faces who were dedicated to the party instead of names showing competition and claim, the same selection process is reflected in the list of Rajya Sabha candidates also. By giving tickets to Saint Balayogi Umesh Nath Maharaj of Ujjain, farmer leader Bansi Lal Gurjar of Mandsaur and woman leader Maya Naurolia of Narmadapuram, BJP has also laid the strategic chessboard for the general elections to be held after a few months. By making BJP Mahila Morcha state president Maya Naurolia a candidate, the party has tried to show its respect and affection towards the beloved sisters of the state. The selection of Maya is an attempt to bring half the population of the state into its fold, while the selection of National Vice President of the party’s Kisan Morcha, Bansilal Gurjar, also reflects the foresight of the party’s strategists and election managers. At present, there is once again a heat of farmers’ movement on the border of Delhi, although due to the farmer-friendly policies of the Mohan Yadav government, the farmers of Madhya Pradesh are not participating in this movement, but the party has appointed a strong farmer leader associated with the ruling party to the upper post. By nominating him in the House elections, an attempt has been made to give a message to the sons of the soil that the new government of the state gives special importance to this class and considers them equal partners in the organization as well as in power.

By making Ujjain saint Umesh Nath Maharaj a Rajya Sabha candidate, the party has once again expressed its love and respect for the saints. Bal Yogi Saint Umesh Nath Maharaj is the chief Peethadhishwar of Valmiki Dham Ashram of Ujjain. Although saints do not have any caste, it is well known that they not only represent the Valmiki community but also have good political influence. This can be estimated from the fact that from Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat to Amit Shah have taken his blessings. Union Home Minister Amit Shah had also taken a bath in harmony with Saint Umesh Nath ji in the last Simhastha Kumbh Mela. He also received an invitation to the Pran Pratishtha Mahotsava of Shri Ram Mandir organized a few days ago and he also participated in this function. Saint Umesh Nath Maharaj, who has done MA in Philosophy, is an expert in Hindu theology. In this regard, BJP has paid tribute to scholarship along with sainthood. Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting L. Murugan was earlier also in Rajya Sabha from MP and MP will once again get the opportunity to elect him.

Family inheritance weighs heavy on claimants

Looking at the current party equation of the Assembly, it is certain that Congress will get one seat in this election and for this seat, names ranging from Meenakshi Natarajan to Kamal Nath and Arun Yadav were in discussion, but Congress has chosen the candidate from Gwalior, who is considered a supporter of Digvijay Singh. Ashok Singh, who has the legacy of a big Congress family, has been given a chance. His grandfather Kakka Dongar Singh was a freedom fighter and was considered a staunch opponent of the Scindia family, while his father Rajendra Singh had been a minister in Shyamacharan Shukla’s government. Ashok Singh not only has deep influence in politics, apart from this he is also considered very strong financially. Ashok Singh has so far contested the Lok Sabha elections 4 times on Congress ticket. But he was defeated every time, now after getting the Upper House ticket from Congress, it is almost certain that he will become an MP.

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