First look release of Yash Kumar’s film ‘Kurukshetra’ out

New Delhi, (UNI) The first look of actor Yash Kumar’s upcoming film “Kurukshetra” has been released.

The movie directed by Sujit Verma and is produced by Yash Kumar Entertainment and Nidhi Mishra.

Actress Raksha Gupta will be in the lead role with Yash Kumar in this film.

“the first look of the film is very attractive. The film will be even more lively and thrilling. The way the battle of religion was fought against unrighteousness, this is the story of this Kurukshetra of life. It would not be right to mention the story now.But I must say that this film of ours will entertain the audience in every sense.

All the actors have done a good job in the film. Hopefully when this film is released, they are going to have a lot of fun,” he said.

Verma said “Kurukshetra” would be a fresh one in the series of beautiful films of Yash Kumar, and the audience would find the songs and dialogues heart-touching.

Prachi Singh, Sonal Trivedi, Srishti Mishra, Sushil Singh, Dev Singh, Reyansh Singhania, Subodh Seth, Baleshwar Singh, Radhe Mishra, Dhananjay Singh, Vilas, Yogant Pandey and Yogendra Yadav portray the prominent characters.

The writer of the film is Rakesh Tripathi, while Dharam Hindustani and Shekhar Madhur are the lyricists, alongside musical scores by Sajan Mishra.

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