Family members bid farewell to women pilgrims going for Hajj

  • Hajj pilgrimage — Allah Humma Labbaik echoes at the airport

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

On Tuesday, from the Hajj House to the airport, the sounds of Allah Humma Labbaik…that is, O Allah, we are present, resonated. At around 2 o’clock in the night, the first group of Hajj pilgrims with about 177 passengers left from Raja Bhoj Airport of Bhopal. Women, children and men were involved in this. Before this, when they boarded the buses from the Haj office and left for the airport for the journey of pilgrims, the eyelids of the family members who had come to bid farewell to their loved ones got wet. Prayers for their safety were rising from the hearts of their family members, while their requests for prayers in Mecca and Medina were on their tongues. When this convoy with about three buses reached the airport, as soon as the flight was about to take off, the pilgrims inside raised the cry of Allah Humma Labbaik.

Madhya Pradesh Haj Committee CEO Dr Farzana Ghazal said that about 177 pilgrims have gone directly from Bhopal to Jeddah in the first flight. Of these, 171 devotees include one each from Bhopal, Raisen and Sehore and 4 from Betul. This includes 83 men and 94 women and children.

Left for 42 days

Along with the family members who came to see off the Hajj pilgrims who arrived at Bhopal airport, they also shed tears. The regret of being away from loved ones for about 42 days of the journey will remain in the hearts of the Hajjis and their families, but the happiness of completing this Farz was also stirring their hearts. These mixed circumstances brought tears to the eyes of the people present at Haj House. After receiving and giving blessings, Hajjis left on their journey.

Responsibility of arrangements rests with townspeople

The influx of Hajjis from different cities of the state to the Hajj House for the flight leaving on Tuesday had started from Sunday itself. Those responsible contacted the departments and neither got the access road to Haj House repaired nor made arrangements for electricity and water.

Arrangements for food during the stay of the Hajis and buses for their departure to the airport could also be completed with the help of private people, whereas the Central Haj Committee gives funds to the State Hajj Committee for these arrangements. While sending the Hajis from Haj House to the airport, State Haj Committee CEO Dr. Farzana Ghazal and Airport Committee Chairman Rafat Warsi bid farewell to the Hajis from the airport.

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