Drug abuse a matter of concern for society : Prez

Kolkata, Aug 17 (UNI) President Droupadi Murmu on Thursday said drug abuse is a matter of concern for society and the country.

Launching ‘My Bengal, Addiction Free Bengal’ Campaign under the ‘Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan’, organised by Brahma Kumaris at Raj Bhavan here, she said, ” Due to these addictions, youth are not able to choose the right direction in their lives. This is very worrying and there is a need to work on all fronts in this matter. ”

Speaking on the occasion, Murmu stated that this situation can be improved through spiritual awakening, medication, social solidarity and political will.

She appreciated organizations like Brahma Kumaris for discussing such issues and working to solve them.

The President said any kind of addiction develops due to mental stress and peer pressure. Addiction is harmful to health. Many other disorders also arise from addiction. Family and friends of drug addicts also suffer a lot of trouble.

She urged all youth to bring into the notice of the family of any addicted friend about the addiction.

The President urged the people who consume drugs to not ruin their life. She said that if they are under any kind of stress, they should talk to their friends, family or any social organization. There is no problem that they cannot face with their willpower.

She stated that anti-social elements take advantage of drug usage and addiction. The money spent in buying drugs is also used in criminal activities.

Murmu expressed confidence that addicted people would come out of this bad habit for their own good and in the interest of the society and the country.

The President said, ” Youth are our most important assets. The time and energy that they should spend on strengthening the foundation of their future, is being wasted because of addiction. Educational institutions should find out whether the students are going in the wrong direction. If something comes to the fore, action should be taken immediately. “

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