Don’t try to win the Cup, just hit the damn ball: Sadhguru tells Team India

Bengaluru, Nov 18 (UNI) Sports fever has gripped the nation never before, thanks to Team India reaching the Cricket World Cup finals. As the support for ‘Men in Blue’ is fervently pouring in, thoughts about victory mantra are playing upon the minds of the people.

One such thought played upon a person who inquisitively asked Sadhguru for a tip for Team India to bring the World Cup back, a video of which has gone viral on social media.

Responding in his inimitable style, Sadhguru said, “Don’t try to win the Cup, just hit the damn ball! If you think of this 1 billion people baying for the Cup, you will miss the ball, or if you think of all the other fanciful things that will happen if you win the World Cup, the ball will knock off your wickets.”

“So, how to win this World Cup? Don’t think about that. How to hit the damn ball? How to knock off the opposition’s wickets. That’s all you have to think about. Don’t think about the World Cup. Then you will knock off the World Cup.”

Earlier, sharing best wishes with Team India before the semifinal match against New Zealand, Sadhguru’s channel on X posted a video highlighting the importance of the process.

He said, “Nobody can work on a consequence; you can only work on a process … Now, the process is a daily ongoing thing. Success is only in other people’s eyes. They think you are successful; they think you are a failure. But essentially, what you are doing is the process, right?” he said.

The Cricket World Cup 2023 is set to take place at the iconic Narendra Modi Stadium between India and Australia on November 19.

With the Indian team winning all the matches on the way to the finale, this match promises to be an electrifying one, with a resurgent Australian team competing on the back of consecutive wins in the last eight World Cup matches.

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