Djokovic remains hopeful for Nadal’s return despite French Open defeat

Paris, May 29 (UNI) Despite speculation surrounding Rafael Nadal’s potential farewell at the French Open, Novak Djokovic remains optimistic about the Spaniard’s return for the 2025 season.

After securing a victory against Pierre Hugues Herbert with a score of 6-4, 7-6, 6-4 in his French Open opener, Djokovic took to the stands to witness Nadal’s match against Alexander Zverev, joining other notable attendees.

Reflecting on Nadal’s performance, Djokovic acknowledged the intensity of the moment, hinting at the possibility of it being Nadal’s last appearance. However, he expressed confidence in Nadal’s continuation, stating, “It doesn’t appear like that.”

“He played very well,” Djokovic noted, despite Nadal’s loss in straight sets. “Even though he lost, the second and third sets were really close. He could have easily won one of those two sets, and maybe the match would have taken a different direction.”

Acknowledging Zverev’s formidable form and exceptional serving, Djokovic emphasised the challenging nature of playing against him. “It’s tough to play Sascha when he’s feeling the ball so well,” he commented.

Switching focus to his own performance, Djokovic expressed satisfaction while remaining cautious, having faced setbacks in previous tournaments. “I don’t want to get too excited,” he admitted. “It was a good performance tonight from me.”

Speaking about his mental state on the court, Djokovic highlighted the significance of Grand Slam tournaments in motivating him to perform at his best. “The Grand Slam tournaments are the ones that make me get up every morning and go train,” he affirmed.

With eyes set on further progress in the tournament, Djokovic expressed optimism about his trajectory, stating, “I’m moving in the right direction. But it’s only the beginning.”

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