Digvijaya greets Kharge after LS results

Bhopal: The fight in Rajgarh was very interesting. It was believed that Congress is in a strong position in Rajgarh and will win easily, but the results have overturned this claim. Digvijaya Singh has to face defeat in his own stronghold. He was seen lagging behind since the counting of votes started. Meanwhile, when he was questioned, he appeared full of confidence.

When Digvijaya Singh was asked what was the reason for his lagging behind? He replied, “First of all, I want to congratulate Kharge ji, under whose leadership we Congress party has performed very well. And I would congratulate Rahul Gandhi ji the most, this is his effort, his hard work and his commitment towards his ideology, this is his victory. At the same time, Digvijay Singh said that under no circumstances the Bharatiya Janata Party is going to get a clear majority and when it does not get it, the internal fight will start automatically.”

Rajgarh Lok Sabha seat came into the limelight when Congress fielded former CM Digvijay Singh. Rajgarh is said to be Digvijay Singh’s stronghold. He did a padyatra in the entire area during the election campaign. Digvijay Singh’s entire family came out for election campaign, but the results have surprised everyone.

In the Lok Sabha elections 2019, BJP’s Rodmal Nagar defeated Congress’ Mona Sustani on this seat by 4 lakh 31 thousand votes, which was a huge margin. Rodmal Nagar got 823,824 votes, while Congress’ Mona Sustani got 3,92,805 votes. In 2014, Rodmal Nagar defeated Congress candidate Narayan Singh Amlabe here. Then Rodmal Nagar got 5,96,727 votes and Amlabe got 3,67,990 votes.


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