Digvijay Singh enumerates achievements of his tenure

  • Says: Despite resources and huge budget in BJP government, there is slight increase in literacy rate
  • Literacy rate of undivided Madhya Pradesh had increased by 19 percent in a decade

Abhay Sharma
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The Bharatiya Janata Party has been in power in the state for 20 years, except for the tenure of Kamal Nath government for about one and a half years. In the year 2003, Uma Bharti called former CM Digvijay Singh a Bantadhar (Destructive) person and BJP won the elections.

Now when the 2023 state elections are to be held soon in the state, the Shivraj government and the BJP are loudly saying that in the Digvijay government, where farmers did not get electricity, there were roads with potholes. Whereas former CM and Rajya Sabha MP Digvijay Singh has presented the details of his tenure of ten years, in which he has targeted the state government while citing his achievements. Former CM Digvijay Singh said that we took the literacy rate of undivided Madhya Pradesh forward by 19 percent in a decade despite limited resources, but what is the reason that despite all the means, resources and huge budget during the two decades of BJP government, the literacy rate of the state has not increased by 19 percent. There was a slight increase in literacy rate? Former CM Digvijay Singh said that our government, through its sincere efforts on schemes like Rajiv Gandhi Education Mission, Padhna-Badha and Education Guarantee, has set new standards and recorded a record increase of 18 percent in the male literacy rate.

Working on the vision like a mission – Former CM Digvijay Singh said that during his tenure, the government worked on its vision like a mission and implemented the Education Guarantee Scheme between 1993 and 2003 in an effort to make the citizens of the state literate. This led to a record increase of 19 percent in the literacy rate of Madhya Pradesh.

Confirmation with source

Posting the source of the Government of India, it was said that in the year 1991, during the then BJP government, the literacy rate of men in Madhya Pradesh was 58.5 percent. During his tenure this rate increased to 76.1 percent, whereas in the BJP government this rate is still only three percent i.e. 78.7 percent. Whereas in 1991 the female literacy rate was 29.4 percent which increased to 50.3 percent during his tenure. Under the BJP government, it has increased by only 8.9 percent and according to the calculations of 2011, this rate is 59.2 percent.

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